Nick’s passion for homes began in 2009 when he purchased his first property. After going through the process prior to several friends and family members, he found himself giving out a lot of advice, helping others look for houses online, all the while learning the ins and outs of home-ownership.

In 2013, Nick obtained his Ohio Real Estate license and began turning what was quickly becoming his passion into a career. He started to meet and work with home buyers and sellers all across Northeast Ohio. Nick’s hard-work ethic, combined with an easy-going, pressure-free approach, has led to many satisfied customers and successful transactions.

Purchasing a home can seem intimidating. Buyers often stress about finding the right property, the tedious amounts of paperwork, financing a purchase, the home inspection phase, and of course, the price at the end of the day. Never fear. The process becomes much less daunting, and much more fun, once a Realtor like Nick can address your concerns. Buyers should keep in mind that agents are compensated by SELLERS, so working with an agent, such as Nick, typically will not cost you a thing.

Sellers of course are concerned about finding buyers quickly and transferring their home for top dollar. Helping you understand what your home is worth – and what steps you can take to maximize your value – are both services Nick offers. Once a home is listed, Nick will begin work on marketing the property in several different ways, ensuring as many potential buyers see and learn about the home as possible.

Feel free to let Nick know how he can help you! Schedule a no-obligation call or in-person meeting today.