The Amicable Transaction

Between scanning through dozens of listings to find “the one”; or adding a final coat of paint to get a home ready for market – buyers and sellers often direct most of their attention prior to starting a transaction on the home itself. After all, it’s fun to imagine unlocking your new front door for the first time, or walking away with a profit from your sale to put into your savings or towards your next residence.

It goes without saying, however, a lot has to happen in-between the beginning phases of a transaction and close date. It is this middle phase, usually commencing with the submission of an offer, where most clients of mine learn that real estate is more a people business than anything else.

I learned over the years that the most successful transactions tend to be the ones where a mutual respect between buyers and sellers is apparent. In other words, there is a sense of appreciation and gratitude that each party has agreed to work with one another. Responses to inquiries from one side or the other are timely, and all things are done, to the best extent possible, with a genuine level of care and concern for the other party’s particular situation.

Some buyers request closing cost assistance in order to qualify for a loan. Will you as the seller accommodate? Some sellers need a few days after closing to complete the purchase of their own new house and move. Will you as the buyer consider this common request? Throughout a transaction, numerous opportunities may arise to help the other party; and numerous opportunities may arise for that party to help you in return.

I began referring to an optimal pairing of accommodating buyers and sellers as the “amicable transaction.” Too often buyers and sellers enter into negotiations looking to over-negotiate, as if one side or the other has to “win”. Even trickier, some clients are convinced the other party is just out to get them from the start. Mind you, these are people that in most cases have never met!

Yes, as your agent, YOU are my priority…but be aware that in the world of real estate, a little cooperation can go a long way towards helping you accomplish your goals.

Nick Virzi

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